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The first show premiered without too much of a hitch, so now that I can relax a bit, we can talk.

As I mention in the introduction of the video, the purpose of Sac Geek This Week is to discuss geeky current events and trends around Sacramento, CA.  This show will be primarily based on things I am interested in, but that’s only because I have no idea what you are interested in.

I want a dialogue between myself and the audience.  If there is something going on that you would like covered on SGTW, please let me know.  You can e-mail me at  Soon, I hope to have a forum page up and running, and soon we hope to be available on the iTunes Podcast Directory.

For now, you can manually add future podcasts to your podcatcher by adding the link below:

You can watch us live on Access Sacramento, Comcast/Surewest channel 17, AT&T U-Verse channel 99.  Once we have a few shows under our belt, perhaps we will get a regular time slot.  We’ll see!

Welcome to Sac Geek This Week.  This is the first episode of what is intended to be a weekly-ish show dedicated to geeky goings-on in and around Sacramento, CA.

This week, we will have special guest Luis Perez, the Director of Decepti-kon, a new Sacramento convention focused on Japanese and American comics and animation.

Also joining the crew are TBAGRs Jonas Casarino and Ramon Sanchez, and Jazel Gonzalez from Team LoveHATE.

This week, we discussed Wondercon, the recently passed ASAHiCon, and discuss the upcoming Decepti-kon at the Red Lion Hotel on April 16-17, 2001.

The show is barely starting, and we already have a Y2K-type limitation on our show IDs.  Using 24-bit hex coding for episode numbers, we only have enough space for 4,095 shows.  Assuming I keep this going weekly, I will only be able to keep this show going until the year 2089.

To future generations of fans, I apologize for my lack of forethought.